Heron At Home

The Heron is currently watching over Taos Mesa Brewing~ resting, hibernating as the snow and the star filled skies shimmer through the Winter season. Awaiting warmer weather and awaiting dancers, aerialists and creative mayhem once again.


Voodoo Festival, New Orleans 2011

Another awesome festival for the Heron! What a perfect place to celebrate HALLOWEEN! Thank you to the fabulous crew- what a good team! Christian, Genevieve, Oswald, Gregory, Toby, Ceebass, Cedar, and of course- little Kodiak!!

Local paper write up HERE.



The Heron will be showing off at the New Orleans VOODOO Festival 2011 over Halloween weekend!
Should be pretty amazing, as it will have good company with Christian Ristow's new sculpture, Fledgeling, as well as a local aerial performance troupe, Mystic Ponies, working on the Heron! The wings will have FIRE this time as well!
See you over the Bayou!


The Year in Review

Herald made the cover of the Taos News Tempo for the Year in Review- The Best of 2009- These are my favorite pictures of the project in review to date- mostly at Burning Man. Thanks to the artistic talents of photographers Kate Russell and Sadaf Rassoul Cameron. Now the Heron is waiting for its next calling- could be Europe, the far East, could be within the US. I will update when it travels! In the meantime I am busy working on yet another sculpture for Burning Man, this one is an interactive sound sculpture called- Caged Pulse Jets. Yes, of course, there is a blog for this one too...click LOUD and you will be taken there!


Happy New Year! The Heron beckons travel for 2010!