Back to Work!

Finally! The Heron build has resumed after a two month break. Two months!!! One of which was in Australia touring the Hand of Man at the Big day Out festival. We traveled from the Gold Coast down and across to Western Australia, an epic journey following a rock-n-roll tour with time to spare to meet the marsupials and swim in the Indian Ocean. We visited friends in Bali, Indonesia, where we rode motorcycles in that amazingly organic chaotic traffic,(see movie) enjoyed the food, the people, and the monkeys.
Now back to the construction of Herald... I have a firm deadline now, as it will be going to the Black Rock desert in August. Thanks to a Grant from Burning Man, I can afford to purchase the rest of the materials. There is plenty, more to work on once the actual structure is constructed which involves the power unit, the hydraulic winch and cable, the safety dampers and the fire wings! The fire wings seem like a logical addition for the Heron at Burning Man. They will add warmth and light at night, as well as acting as a beacon to beckon wandering Playa swashbucklers.
"Striking off across the Black rock Desert where terrible and beautiful figures rest against the endless Playa, a lone Heron crane invites stragglers and strays to take a moment beneath its wings."
Now, back to work!