What to hang off a Heron...

And now to all the fun things that can hang off the Heron....I have been working on a new web site for a few months now- designing, photo shoots, building prototype equipment and it is now LIVE. Spitfire Aerial Equipment
Building fine custom equipment for aerial artists seems to be a well suited business venture with the Heron about to stand tall behind me.
The Heron is completely trussed and ready for all the moving parts. I am in the process of putting together a sweet little gas driven power unit for the hydraulic winch and the hydraulic cylinders. With much advice from Christian and help from Gregory the power unit runs well. I will be decking it out with some serious mufflers to make it as quiet as possible. We are now waiting for the hydraulics to show up in the "mail"(more like on a freight truck).
Meanwhile, in Santa Fe, Joel Hobbie is working on the Herald's fire wings. They are made of steel tubing and pipe, everything plumbed for propane and will attach to the middle back of the sculpture for Burning Man. They will also actuate with a winch, imagine, retracting and expanding (or flapping) fire wings!!!!