"Build it and they will come"

Now that was FANTASTIC! What a turn out!! And what amazing music, shadow puppets and aerial artists! It was a surreal space working the Heron and watching performers interact with it in various daring poses. Truly dreamlike for me. Thank you Taos, for the support and the Love! (and Santa Fe too!) Pictures taken by Sadaf Rassoul, Alisa Ritchie, Beth Hill, Howie Roemer

Mesa Burning Man

Running the Heron



Yes it's true!!! Come see the Heron in all its new paint and glory this Sunday from 5-9 at the "Steel Ranch" in Taos! There will be continuous performances on the Heron throughout the evening by Wise Fool NM, Anna Pardenik & the Vermont Paino Moving Co., The Circus of Tiny Invisibilty, The Flying desert Brigade, KFire, and Tea and Puppet Theatre-performed within a 12' mobile Hoop skirt!!! Dj's for the evening include Oliver, Jeremy Blike and Paul Feathericci. This will be a very unique "art opening" not to be missed! There will be Harlan's Green Chili and beverages available too. This is a benefit show for the Heron Project, and suggested donation is $10.
Sunday, August 16th 5-9PM
Directions: Drive across Gorge Bridge, Turn hard left onto West Rim Rd (less than a mile after Bridge) Go 1.5Miles- look to your Left! Carpool if you can- parking along side road. Entrance is by tall Ranch Gate- see you there! This is a Kid friendly event!


A Fresh Coat of Paint~

Well, painting is a BIG deal. The Heron painting got off to a slow start- waiting out a few days of turbulent weather, finding the right equipment and working with a diminished workforce- the Heron got primed and painted in three days after all. I chose to paint it white- a slightly off white/bone white-I wanted a neutral color that would also be inviting and not too hot to climb in the heat of the day. I also figure it can be accentuated with various colored lighting. The white added a surreal quality- also shadowing itself beautifully through the trussing. My amazing crew helped put it up today- one final time before it goes to the Playa. The build was still a seven hour ordeal- again facing the challenges of Christian's forklift, which makes this operation very delicate as we are lifting a 27' structure(in it's retracted position) with a mast that goes 19'-8". It's scary and it sure did not help to work around a massive hail storm including thunder and lightning! Now it is up...standing tall and looking regal, for a Taos debut, on August 16th, which I will impart more details about in a few days-but for now, the waxing moon and the Heron meet again.