This sculpture project has been growing with me for over five years now. I was inspired by watching shipyard cranes in motion in the wee hours of the night, dreaming of dancing in and around these enormous moving structures. It was magnificent. It took years to condense the concept onto paper, a full sketchbook of drawings and finally in to some form of a project proposal, followed by many miniature models in paper and in steel to work out the various designs. The entire project is comprised of three tall cranes, a pulse jet accessorized stage, a rotating cog, and several vertical fire cannons.
There was a long search for an enthusiastic and able Engineer, and there is the ongoing search for funding for a project of this magnitude.

It is a little overwhelming in its entirety(!), so, just like with all enormous tasks in life, you just start somewhere small, and hope that in time you can look back and start to see your dream vision unfold...
So I am starting with one crane. Thanks to the gracious support from my friends, family and artistic cohorts I will get a great start on material costs for the first crane.
So here it is, my first ever blog, the Tell All about the build of Crane One!

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