"take a bit more off the back"

I am tackling the most difficult angles on this project yet! The Heron head has very complex compound angles that not only challenge my mathematical perception of space but they look extreme as they are cut. Luckily I have the good help of my friend Juniper, and together we have resorted to an arts and crafts approach to the problem.....cutting and taping paper and cardboard together to look like the compound trussing, so we can snip a bit here and there to make it fit. Yup the shop is filled with paper scraps, scissors and tape! This we learned, was much easier than cutting and grinding a piece for an hour to make it fit properly! Once welded, the trussing does look very sexy as it accentuates the top curve.


  1. wow Christ! That is coming along very nicely! Beautiful work!!!

  2. Anonymous10/4/09

    Gorgeous! Very inspiring! I love it!