Full Steam Ahead!

Nowadays the shop resembles a vaguely post apocalyptic maze, as the Heron has taken over. There are parts scattered EVERYWHERE, in some unique form of chaotic order. Christian, Gregory and I are working on various parts of the Heron, to get it ready to stand tall at the end of the month. This chapter in the build is comprised of machining parts with the lathe and the mill, building outriggers, a sub-base and Gregory working on the power unit engine, a six cylinder tiny Ford engine from a European car, could have been a Ford Focus. We have moved from compound angle lingo to "thousandths of an inch" as we are determining pivots, and pulley pins... The enormity of the project is starting to weigh down on me too-
the Heron is huge!

I am anxiously looking forward to making the acquaintance of this sculpture for the first time! We will load test it once it's standing tall, possibly using one of Christian's heavy robots to hang from the beak, then we take it back down, fix or tweak if necessary- then paint, and then up again...

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  1. Anonymous22/6/09

    awwwweeeesomeeee! thumbs up to the black hole and joel! and a while tank?? wow!

    you are amazing and i love you! tomiko