herald-an official messenger signaling something (grand) is about to happen.

So, Herald it is- aka Crane One. I decided a while ago to name each crane, and I filtered through many names and combinations of names and found "herald" in the dictionary as I was searching "heron" for the twentieth time- it struck me as perfect- unpretentious yet oddly appropriate. Also a name that makes me smile thinking it belongs to such a massive entity.

My long time friend and shop cohort, Juniper, helped me last week, cutting more compound angles to finish the base or lower body of the crane. Next up we will build the upper part and final section of the sculpture and then to the TRUSSING! The trussing will add so much weight to the pieces that they will require an overhead crane or some serious equipment to move around. In the picture you can see the 13' base laying face down next to the 19' head crammed into my part of the shop. I do share the shop, Spitfire Forge takes 1/3 of it actually, with my man Christian Ristow. The Hand of Man sculpture dominated the shop for almost a year, so I guess it is my turn to spread out ;D

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