Winter Hit the Mesa!

As we rang in the New Year, we got several impressive snow storms that left us with 3' drifts outside the shop and house. Between digging the chickens out of their snowed-in pen and shoveling somewhat of a pathway to the shop, chopping wood for the fire, work on Herald is slow going. But it is going. Both Christian and I wear many layers to stay warm, making us waddle around in the shop in slow motion. Winter has hit the mesa and I have begun trussing the middle section. Herald is destined to be very, very burly. The 2"x 2"trussing not only adds tons of weight, but massive strength. Next up will be trussing the head and that means the inescapable return of compound angles. I never was proficient in math, and it's amusing that I create a project filled with mathematical challenges... I'll return to this observation after the third crane is built... The images posted include my old faithful Miller® welder(really isn't that old)which is kicking ass with the miles of welding required here. Yes, I'm a Miller™ gal. Should'nt I get something for free now?

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